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Event network analyzer

Event network analyzer (eventnet) is a software for the statistical analysis of networks of relational events.


Eventnet is written in java and should run on any computer on which the
java runtime environment (JRE), Java 8 or higher, is installed.

Eventnet is distributed under the GNU Public License version 3. See the license and disclaimer.

Download the file eventnet-0.3.jar and start the program by double-clicking or via the command java -jar eventnet-0.3.jar

Current version (v0.3):

Source code

Sources files (.java files) are in eventnet-0.3-src.jar


The event network analyzer uses the following libraries.

First steps and tutorial

A first introduction to eventnet is provided in the first-steps tutorial.

More details are in the tutorial around the case study: activity and attention in the collective production of migration-related Wikipedia articles


Address questions, comments, bug reports, or feature requests to Jürgen Lerner.