University of Konstanz
Algorithmics Group
Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes

Termeh Shafie


address University of Konstanz
Department of Computer & Information Science
Box 67
78457 Konstanz, Germany
officePZ 1007
phone+49 7531 88-4570
emailtermeh.shafie (at)


since 09/2013 Post Doctoral Researcher in Algorithmics group, University of Konstanz. Project: ERC Synergy Project Nexus 1492.
04/2015 – 08/2015 Bass Fellow at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago.
01/2013 – 08/2013 Deputy Lecturer at the Department of Statistics, Stockholm University.
01/2013 PhD in Statistics. Thesis entitled "Random Multigraphs-Complexity Measures, Probability Models and Statistical Inference". Supervisor: Prof. Ove Frank, Stockholm University.
11/2007 – 01/2013 PhD student at the Department of Statistics, Stockholm University.
10/2007 Licentiate of Philosophy in Statistics. Thesis entitled: "On-Site Sampling in Economic Valuation Studies", Umeå University.
02/2006 Master of Social Science, with a major in Statistics, Umeå University.
02/2006 Master of Science in Public Administration and Economics, Umeå University.


summer term 2016 Lecture/Tutorial Network Analysis


journal articles J. Laffoon, T. Sonnemann, T. Shafie, C. Hofman, U. Brandes, G. Davies: Investigating Human Geographic Origins Using Dual-Isotope Assignment Approaches. PLoS ONE, 12(2): e0172562, 2017.
T. Shafie: Analyzing Local and Global Properties of Multigraphs. Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 40(4):239-264, 2016.
J.P. Hart, T. Shafie, J. Birch, S. Dermarkar, R.F. Williamson: Nation Building and Social Signaling in Southern Ontario: A.D. 1350-1650. PLoS ONE, 11(5): e0156178, 2016.
O. Frank, T. Shafie: Multivariate Entropy Analysis of Network Data. Bulletin of Sociological Methodology, 129(1):45-63, 2016.
T. Shafie: A Multigraph Approach to Social Network Analysis. Journal of Social Structure,16(1):1-21, 2015.
V. Torra, T. Shafie and J. Salas: Data Protection for Online Social Networks and P-stability for Graphs. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, 2015(99):1-8, 2015.