University of Konstanz
Algorithmics Group
Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes

Uwe Nagel


address University of Konstanz
Department of Computer & Information Science
Box 67
78457 Konstanz, Germany
officePZ 1007
phone+49 7531 88-4079
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since 12/2011 PostDoc in the algorithmics group of Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes
02/2008 – 12/2011 member of PhD program Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Large Information Spaces, University of Konstanz
Dissertation: Analysis of Network Ensembles (defended 12/2011, published 02/2013)
02/2006 – 02/2008 developer at Oehm und Rehbein GmbH
08/2000 – 02/2006 Computer Sciences studies (Diplom), University Rostock


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Michael Berthold, Ulrik Brandes, Tobias Kötter, Martin Mader, Uwe Nagel, Kilian Thiel: Pure spreading activation is pointless. Proc. 18th Conf. on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2009), pp. 1915-1919. ACM, 2009.
Ulrik Brandes, Jürgen Lerner, Miranda J. Lubbers, Christopher McCarty, José Luis Molina, Uwe Nagel: Recognizing modes of acculturation in personal networks of migrants. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 4, Applications of Social Network Analysis, pp. 4-13, 2010
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journal articles Ulrik Brandes, Jürgen Lerner, and Uwe Nagel. Network ensemble clustering using latent roles. Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, 5(2):81-94, 2011
other Ulrik Brandes, Jürgen Lerner, Miranda J. Lubbers, Cristopher McCarthy, José Luis Molina, Uwe Nagel, Understanding the Composition of an Ensemble of Personal Networks. JoSS Visualization Symposium 2010, 2010.
Uwe Nagel, Kilian Thiel, Tobias Kötter, Dawid Piątek and Michael R. Berthold: Towards Discovery of Subgraph Bisociations. In: M.R. Berthold, Bisociative Knowledge Discovery (LNCS (LNAI), Vol. 7250) , pp. 263-284, 2012
Uwe Nagel, Analysis of Network Ensembles. Dissertation, University Konstanz, 2012