University of Konstanz
Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes

Bachelor/Master Project Algorithmics: Reverse engineering RSiena (Winter 2013/2014)

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Presentations: 16.1.2014 - 3:15pm - B602

The stochastic actor-oriented model (SAOM) is one of the most important models when it comes to understanding the intrinsic effects driving the evolution of networks.

This project focuses on reverse engineering RSiena, the only publicly available tool implementing the SAOM and encompasses the following tasks:
  1. Understanding SAOM and RSiena
  2. Identifying the software's current architecture and evaluating design issues (design patterns, interdependencies, data structures)
  3. Detecting bottlenecks in RSiena via profiling and developing improvements
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of C++ and R

Recommondations: Network Modeling Lecture

Teaching assistant: Mark Ortmann

Dates and Times

Coordination Meeting 24.10.2013 - 6pm - E212

Presentations 16.1.2014 - 3:15pm - B602

Seminar reports

Presenter Title Report
Stephan Schuler SAOM: Einführung und Model Definition pdf
Michael Brendle SAOM: Parameter Interpretation und Simulation pdf


The stochastic actor-oriented model


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