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Algorithmic Graph Theory


> Lecture: Maria Flavia Mammana
   Thu12-14M 627
   Fri8-10R 512
> Exercises: Frank Schulz
   Thu12-14M 627
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  • Using LEDA

  • The Chinese Postman Problem:

    Save the above files in one directory. Set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable as described in Using LEDA. Call make; call postman; load the gml file postman.gml; press done. Works now with LEDA 4.2.
This is an introductory course to Graph Theory with an algorithmic approach. At first basic concepts and definitions are given, then basic properties and algorithms of trees, connected graphs, Eulerian Graphs, Planar Graphs, Matching and Factors, Coloring problems are presented.
  • Douglas B. West: Introduction to Graph Theory. Prentice Hall, 1996.
  • Robin J. Wilson: Introduction to Graph Theory. Oliver & Boyd, 1972 (fourth edition Longman, 1996).

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