University of Konstanz
Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes

Graph Drawing (SS 2014)

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The second oral exam will take place on Wed, Oct 15, room PZ1005. Please register in the office of Christine Agorastos, PZ1002.

The lecture evaluation was discussed on Thu, July 10.

Layout algorithms for graphs form the basis of effective and efficient visualization of networks.

Thus, automatic graph drawing is important in core areas of computer science like data bases, software engineering, VLSI and network design, and visual user interfaces. It is also relevant in other application areas, for example, in engineering, chemistry and biology, and social or political science.

Various algorithmic methods for automatic graph drawing will be treated, for instance, force-directed or flow-based methods.

General Information

Lecture (B. Pampel,M. Mader)
Algorithmics Group (U. Brandes)
Tue 11:45–13:15 (M 901)
Thu 11:45–13.15 (D 435)
Tutorial (M. van Garderen) Wed 13:30–15:00 (D 247)
oral exams first date: Thu July 31, room PZ1005.
second date: Wed Oct 15, room PZ1005.

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Theoretical Assignments

The theoretical assignments are made available on this webpage on Thursday. The solutions are usually due in written form until Thursday the week after handout at 12 a.m.. You can choose to either return your handwritten solution at the beginning of the Thursday lecture, or to submit them electronically in one PDF file to: .

In the latter case, please follow the naming schema uXX_name1_name2.pdf, where XX indicates the number of the assignment. We will return the corrected and scored assignments in the tutorial.

Practical Assignments

The practical assignments have to be implemented in Java.

We suggest to use the development environment Eclipse (download). Feel free to use any other editor/IDE as long as you submit in the correct way.

The data structures and visualization methods we will be using are provided by the yFiles library (API), contained in the project data for the first practical assignment. The library license is restricted to academic purposes within the algorithmics group. You are neither allowed to distribute the library, nor to use it for projects outside the scope of this lecture.

The submission of practical assignments will be via svn. The base directory is Each group will have access to only one sub-package and the material package. Use your university login firstname.lastname with the corresponding password for access.
Further requirements:

The assignments are returned and discussed during the tutorials. 50 percent of the total score of the assignments, regular attendance at the tutorials, and the presentation of at least one of your solutions are necessary to be admitted to the final exam.

You are permitted and encouraged to work in groups of two.

No. Posted Due Date Tutorial Download
1 01.05.2014 08.05.2014 14.05.2014 a01.pdf
2 08.05.2014 15.05.2014 21.05.2014 a02.pdf
3 15.05.2014 22.05.2014 28.05.2014 a03.pdf
4 22.05.2014 30.05.2014 04.06.2014 a04.pdf
5 30.05.2014 05.06.2014 11.06.2014 a05.pdf
6 5.06.2014 12.06.2014 18.06.2014 a06.pdf
7 12.06.2014 19.06.2014 25.06.2014 a07.pdf
8 19.06.2014 26.06.2014 02.07.2014 a08.pdf
9 26.06.2014 03.07.2014 09.07.2014 a09.pdf
10 03.07.2014 10.07.2014 16.07.2014 a10.pdf
11 10.07.2014 17.07.2014 23.07.2014 a11.pdf
12 17.07.2014 23.07.2014 23.07.2014 a12.pdf (bonus assignment)

Lecture Notes

The lecture will be based on lecture notes (in German, local access) from the same course in 2007.


Further Information