University of Konstanz
Algorithmics Group
Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes

Seminar: Network visualization (summer term 2013)


Find below a LaTeX template for the report.

Presentations will start on May, 23rd.

There is no seminar on May, 30th (public holiday).

We are going to study recent articles on network visualization. Core topics are graph representations other than the standard node-link representation, visualization techniques for attributes and groups of networks, handling large graphs, and evaluations of network visualization.

Instructor / Responsible: Martin Mader.


coordination meeting:Thu, April 18th, 11:45 (F425)
topic assignment:Thu, April 25th, 11:45 (F425)
Q&A session:Thu, May 16th, 11:45 (F425)
presentations (weekly):starting Thu, May 23rd, 11:45 (F425)

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Credits and grading

This seminar is worth 4 graded credit points. They are awarded to all students who

Presentations and literature (local access only)

1May 23rdAnn-Christin Wegner E. Gansner, Y. Hu, S. Kobourov Visualizing Graphs and Clusters as Maps Graph representations
2May 23rdAnja Radke N. Henry, J.D. Fekete MatrixExplorer: a Dual-Representation System to Explore Social Networks Graph representations
3June 6thMuhammed Waseem M. de Berg, B. Speckmann, V. van der Weele Treemaps with Bounded Aspect Ratio Graph representations
4June 6thInti Gabriel M. Nöllenburg, A. Wolff Drawing and Labeling High-Quality Metro Maps by Mixed-Integer Programming Graph representations
5June 13thDagmar Sorg D. Holten Hierarchical Edge Bundles: Visualization of Adjacency Relations in Hierarchical Data Attributes and groups
6June 13thMuhammed Mushtaq K. Dinkla, M. van Krefeld, B. Speckmann, M.A. Westenberg Kelp Diagrams: Point Set Membership Visualization Attributes and groups
7June 20thNiklas Wikenhauser K. Verbeek, K. Buchin, B. Speckmann Flow Map Layout via Spiral Trees Attributes and groups
8June 20thValentin Dietrich K. Kakoulis, I. Tollis Algorithms for the Multiple Label Placement Problem Attributes and groups
9June 27thStefan Höliner D. Archambault, T. Munzner, D. Auber TopoLayout: Multilevel Graph Layout by Topological Features Large graphs
10June 27thPatrick Liehs M. Zinsmaier, U. Brandes, O. Deussen, H. Strobelt Interactive Level-of-Detail Rendering of Large Graphs Large graphs
11July 4thHarry Schilling W. Huang, S. Hong, P. Eades Effects of Sociogram Drawing Conventions and Edge Crossings in Social Network Visualization Evaluation
12July 4thFrederik Dennig Q. Nguyen, P. Eades, S. Hong On the Faithfullness of Graph Visualisations Evaluation


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