University of Konstanz
Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes

Graph Drawing (SS 2011)

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General Information

Lecture (U. Brandes) Tue 10:15–11:45 (D 301)
Wed 14:30–16.00 (E 403)
Tutorial (S. Cornelsen, U. Nagel) Fri 12.30–14.00 (G 227a)
oral exams Wed July 13, Fri July 22
Wed Sep 28


The theoretical assignments are made available on this webpage on Wednesdays at 16:00. The solutions are due in written form until the next Wednesday at 14:30. You can choose to either deposit them in the box marked "Abgabe" in the staircase on E2, in front of the door to rooms E 209-216, or to submit them electronically in one PDF file to the tutor.

Besides there will also be practical assignments.

The assignments are returned and discussed during the tutorials. 50 percent of the total score of the assignments, regular attendance at the tutorials, and the presentation of at least two of your solutions are necessary to be admitted to the final exam.

You are permitted and encouraged to work in groups of two.

For the first assignment you need the program visone, which can be run without installation via webstart. A wiki containing documentation can be found at

No. Posted Due Date Tutorial Download
1 13.04.2011 20.04.2011 15.+20.04.2011 PDF   graph for exercise 3
2 27.04.2011 04.05.2011 06.05.2011 PDF
3 04.05.2011 11.05.2011 13.05.2011 PDF
4 11.05.2011 18.05.2011 20.05.2011 PDF
5 18.05.2011 25.05.2011 27.05.2011 PDF
6 25.05.2011 01.06.2011 03.06.2011 PDF
7 01.06.2011 08.06.2011 10.06.2011 PDF
8 08.06.2011 15.06.2011 17.06.2011 PDF, slides
9 15.06.2011 22.06.2011 24.06.2011 PDF
10 22.06.2011 29.06.2011 01.07.2011 PDF
11 29.06.2011 06.07.2011 08.07.2011 PDF

Practical Assignments

No. Posted Due Date Tutorial Download
1 15.04.2011 27.04.2011 29.04.2011 PDF     project data
2 29.04.2011 11.05.2011 13.05.2011 PDF
3 13.05.2011 01.06.2011 03.06.2011 PDF
4 17.06.2011 05.07.2011 07.07.2011 PDF

For the practical assigments we suggest to use the development environment Eclipse for simplicity, which can be downloaded from Feel free to use any other editor/IDE as long as you follow the instructions on the assignment sheets.
The data structures and visualization methods we will be using are provided by the yFiles library, contained in the project data for the first practical assignment.
Documentation for yFiles can be found here, for the first assignment you should consider the example in the project data (see the assigment sheet).

Lecture Notes

The lecture will be based on lecture notes (in German, local access) from the same course in 2007.

Slides (local access only)

Other background


Further Information