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Fachbereich Informatik und Informationswissenschaft   Algorithms and Datastructures Group  

Seminar on Algorithms and Models for Railway Optimization

Prof. Dr. D. Wagner (DW, E213)
Jan-Willem Goossens (JWG, E201)
Flavia Mammana (FM, E203)
Leon Peeters (LP, E202)
Frank Schulz (FS, E201)
Thomas Willhalm (TW, E201)


There is going to be one talk every week during the summer term 2002 (Thursday, 16:15 - 17:45 in room D 406).

Date Name Topic Tutor Report
25.04. Dorothea Wagner Introduction    
02.05. Steffen Mecke Station Location    
09.05.Holiday (Himmelfahrt)
16.05. Katja Boos Line Planning JWG PDF
30.05.Holiday (Fronleichnam)
Mo., 03.06.
16:15, P 601
Carole Giesemann Timetable Generation LP PDF
06.06. Jasper Möller Crew Scheduling DW PDF
13.06. Matthias Mergener Rolling Stock Rostering FM PDF
20.06. Miriam Walter Shunting FS PDF,PS
27.06. Jens Olbertz Pricing TW PDF,PS
04.07. Frank Schulz Timetable Information Systems  
18.07. Thomas Willhalm Coordinate Generation  

Slides, Lecture Notes, References, etc.

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